Keokuk provides three cemeteries for our citizens.

Oakland Cemetery
1802 Carroll Street

Oakland Cemetery is Keokuk’s public and oldest cemetery which was dedicated in 1851 and consists of approximately 100 acres. 75,000 plus monuments, some dating back to the 1800’s. Marking the entrance to Oakland Cemetery is Keokuk’s Veteran Memorial, a privately funded and a tremendous testimony to those who served and protected.

Sunset Cemetery
3700 Main Street

Keokuk’s Sunset Cemetery is privately owned and is located along Highway 218/61.

Keokuk National Cemetery
1701 J Street

Keokuk’s National Cemetery was dedicated in 1862. In May of 1861 four Civil War Camps were established in Keokuk for the mustering of soldiers being sent to the war between the states from Iowa. During the war over 1,500 soldiers, both North and South were transported to Keokuk, via Mississippi River boats, from the conflicts and battlefields in the South. Five Army Hospitals were established for the caring of the sick and wounded. Most of the original internments came from these hospitals.

Keokuk’s National Cemetery is one of 12 original cemeteries designated by the U.S. Congress. Presently over 4,000 service men and women are now interned on these hallowed grounds.


Curb & Sidewalk

Concrete Curb and Sidewalk Replacement Guidelines

Concrete curbs and sidewalks must be repaired or replaced if any of the following conditions are present:

  • More than twenty-five percent (25%) of the surface of a sidewalk section or slab is deteriorated.
  • More than twenty-five percent (25%) of a section of concrete curb has deteriorated.
  • A section or slab of sidewalk broken or separated into three or more pieces
  • A section or slab of sidewalk having a crack width in excess of one-half inch (1/2″) at any one point along a length of one foot or greater. Cracks of less width may be filled with a sealant material.
  • A section or slab of sidewalk out of vertical or horizontal alignment when pedestrian safety is in question. Slabs sunken or risen to a height difference of one inch (1″) or more between sections.
  • Curbs out of horizontal alignment with adjacent curbs in excess of one-half inch (1/2″). Curbs out of vertical alignment when pedestrian safety is in question.
  • Evidence of structural failure of curbs or sidewalk, as determined by the Public Works Director or his authorized representative.
    Any other instance which may create a pedestrian safety hazard, as determined by the Public Works Director or his authorized representative.
  • All curbing and sidewalk must be replaced in compliance with City of Keokuk specification.
Download Sidewalk Application:  Doc  PDF


Keokuk Sanitation Department:
1401 South 20th

Manager: Bob Weis

Keokuk sanitation department employs six employees.

Keokuk sanitation department provides solid waste and recycling collection to residential customers in the City of Keokuk.

Sewer Department

Sewer Department:
249 Carbide Lane


Keokuk sewer department employs five employees.

Keokuk, Iowa is presently embarking on a comprehensive storm water/sewer separation project that will tremendously enhance the infrastructure of our river city.

Street Department

Street Department:
220 South 19th

Manager: Tom Beaird

Street department employs seven employees. This address is used as the 6th ward voting location.
Keokuk, Iowa has established a $13,000,000 comprehensive 10 year street reconstruction project which is presently being conducted.

Vehicle Maintenance is also housed at this location and employs three employees.

Download the Emergency Snow Route List