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The Planning staff develops plans for the future growth and development of the community and administers development regulations that ensure the use and development of land meets the community's standards. Staff also assists and advises the City Council, City Boards, Commissions, and the general public on various planning, zoning, and land development issues. Working with developers, residents, and other City Departments, the Planning and Zoning Division works to encourage orderly growth and redevelopment, while preserving a quality living environment.

The Planning Staff assists in the creation and implementation or future community development plans. These plans are developed though extensive citizen inquiry and participation and serve as the basis for future development. Plan Documents, including the Comprehensive Plan, and the Housing Needs Assessment, work to specify future community goals and objectives.

The Keokuk Zoning and Subdivision Code contain those regulations that control land use in the City. The zoning code describes the specific Zoning District within the Community and which uses are permitted and prohibited in such areas. The code also list various requirements for building lot size, buildings size and height requirements, setbacks, signs, parking, and other development requirements.

The Planning Department provide assistance and information regarding zoning designation for properties, subdivisions and developments, site plans, signs, fences, special use permits, home occupations, and other related topics covered in the Zoning and Subdivision Code (Regulations) Please contact staff for any questions that you may have.